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There are many different types of construction work so knowing what requires a plan and what doesn’t can be quite daunting.

To ease your frustration, you're not alone for a start.

Many of our customers ask us this question, so here's a quick rule of thumb to go by to help you make your dream home a reality.


What work requires building plans to commence?


The majority of aesthetic and renewal work does not require a plan.

However, a general rule of thumb to follow is that if walls are torn down or structural changes are made of any kind, plans will almost certainly be required. 

It is not recommended to get a quote before the plans for these jobs are approved. Grundman Construction is responsible for quoting and completing the work according to the plan. Therefore, if the plan is rejected and edits are needed, we would have to repeat the process from scratch.

With Grundman Construction, we do things the right way or we don't do them at all.

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