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Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows


Bellville Garage Extension

Our client wanted to alter their existing garage floorspace by expanding the garage itself, this would would help accommodate an increase in the storage capabilities of the garage.

Work involved in the project:

Foundations, Flooring, walls and brickwork, plaster, roofing, insulation, ceiling, aluminium and glass work, paving, electrical, and all finishes (Painting etc).

Bothasig Ensuite Bathroom Renovation

Client wanted a new and improved ensuite bathroom to match their modern looking home, so we stripped all the bathrooms inners out and rebuilt it from the bottom up with sleek and clean finishes to give it the modern and textured effect.

The project required:

Flooring, plaster, aluminium and glass work, electrical, plumbing, and finishes (Tiling and Paint).

Bothasig Home Renovation

One of the more complete overhauls we have done, we redid the house completely from the pavement all the way through to the back boundary wall.

Adding a pool, braai area, patio, pizza oven, braai area and everything in-between, only by going through the pictures will the scale of work be revealed.

This project required:

Foundations, flooring, walls, roofing, ceilings, plaster, insulation, aluminium and glass work, paving, electrical, plumbing and all finishing (Tiling, fixtures, Painting etc).

Edgemead Lounge Extension

Borrowing space from a walkway that existed next to the garage, we extended the lounge by putting in new foundations, exterior walls, and a roof then bashing down the wall that divided the two rooms.

We finished the build with a whitewashed brick wall that gave a industrial look feature wall that gave the room a much more raw and modern feel.

This project required:
Foundation work, flooring, brick work and walls, plaster, roofing, insulation, ceiling, aluminium and glass work, elecectrical and finishing (Painting).