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Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows


Bothasig Flatlet Build

Client wanted to construct a flatlet next to their existing home, this build required the entire flat to be built from the foundation to the roof.

Work involved in the project:

Foundations, Flooring, walls and brickwork, plaster, roofing, insulation, ceiling, aluminium and glass work, paving, electrical, plumbing and all finishes (Tiling, fixtures, counters, painting etc).

Bothasig Home Extension / Flat Conversion

The client wanted to extend their home by building a flatlet along the existing home, leaving the main wall in tact we extended the entire home and converted the space into a flat which included two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a entertainment area. Along with this we also erected boundary walls to assist the client with an extra layer of security.

The project required:

Foundations, flooring, brickwork, boundary walls, plaster, roofing, ceiling, insulation, aluminium and glass, plumbing, electrical, and finishes (Painting, tiling, counters, and fixtures).

Greenhill View Garage to Flat Conversion

Client wanted to convert their garage into a flatlet and then dividing the space so the flatlet can have it's own private area.

We did this by demolishing one exterior wall and extending the garage both in length and width which made gave the flat a huge boost in floorspace, after this we created a side patio braai area next to the flat to give it its own private entertainment area.

The project required:

Foundation work, flooring, brickwork, roofing, insulation, ceiling, aluminium and glass work, paving, electrical, plumbing and finishes (Painting, Tiling, Counters, Fixtures etc).

Edgemead Braai Area

A complete new build as the client wanted to have a braai and entertainment area next to the pool allowing for a highly social environment on his patio.

We moulded the flooring to the bend of the pool and integrated it in an open fashion to in essence join the two areas.

This project required:

Foundational work, flooring, exterior walls, plaster, brickwork roofing , electrical, and finishes (Painting).

Bothasig Home Renovation

Our client wanted to completely overhaul their dream home along with extending it's floorspace to make more room and give the house a more open feel to it.

We stripped out the entire home and demolished non-supportive walls to open up the space, after this we renovated the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms to give the house a much more modern finish.

This project required:

Foundational work, flooring, external support walls, new roofing, new ceiling, insulation, plaster work, aluninium and glass work, electrical, plumbing and finishes (Tiling and painting).